Quality Caffeinated Beverages To Make You Fully Awake

Start your day with Authentic Italian espresso drinks from Big Easy Sno-Balls.  Yes, we do more than Sno-Balls!  In Louisiana, people are very found of their coffee so this is not a stretch for us.  We, however, have our own twist to our coffee offering.  We create our high-quality caffeinated drinks using authentic Italian espresso machines and freshly roasted Italian coffee beans.

Rich Italian Espresso Treats

We want you to taste something new yet familiar with every taste from Big Easy Sno-Balls. We are all about rich flavors.  To do this, we try to maintain the traditional way of making authentic Italian espresso.  In our store, we also offer a few other creative espresso drinks with a New Orleans shaved ice twist.  Try a simply sweetened espresso over shaved ice or an Affagato Big Easy style.

In Italy, the Frappé has been made for many years.  It is simply frozen sweetened espresso or Italian coffee.  The original Frappé was made manually and took hours, but today we can blend the sweetened espresso with ice using a super blender and create a rich, smooth, fluffy, icy espresso drinks flavored and topped your way. 


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